Term Life Insurance

SunTerm: 5, 10, 20 year renewal terms are available, depending on your age. Policy is renewable until the policy anniversary date nearest the insured person's 80th birthday.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent: Less expensive than participating life insurance. It provides a fixed amount of life insurance coverage, and the costs for your coverage remain the same every year.
Participating: Your policy may be credited with policyholder dividends. You can use these dividends in a number of ways. You can use them to buy additional coverage, receive a cash payment, reduce your annual premium or you can leave them on deposit to earn interest. The choice is yours.

Universal Life Insurance

SunSpectrum: Appeals to people who are comfortable actively managing their insurance within their broader financial plan.
SunUniversal: Well-suited to people whose investment, tax, and insurance needs require special solutions.

Critical Illness Insurance

SunSpectrum Basic: Covers 4 full payout illnesses; cancer, coronary artery bypass surgery heart attack and stroke.
Sun Critical Illness Insurance: 25 full payout illnesses, 4 partial payout illnesses, 5 childhood illnesses (plus 2 additional illnesses starting at the policy anniversary following the child's 18th birthday)

Individual Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance: Your earning potential is a far more valuable asset than your automobile or your home. Disability insurance is designed to protect you from the possible loss of income. A custom designed individual disability insurance plan will provide you with guaranteed coverage and guaranteed premiums.

Long Term Care Insurance

Sunlife LTC: When you build and review your retirement income plan, it's important to consider your future health care needs. Long term care insurance can help you protect this plan - helping you maintain your standard of living as much as possible.

Payout Annuities

Life Annuity: Provides income payments for as long as you live. You have the option to choose a guaranteed period. If you pass away before the end of that period, your beneficiary receives a death benefit.
Joint Life Annuity: Provides income payments for as long as either you or your spouse (or person of your choice) is alive.
Term Certain Annuity: Provides income payments for a specified period of time. If you die before all the payments have been made, a death benefit is paid to a beneficiary.

Segregated Funds

SunWise Essential Series 2: Allows you to invest with confidence, by combining growth potential of world-class, professional managed investment funds with security features of an insurance contract. It can provide safety and security for you and your family. SunWise Essential Series 2 contracts are issued by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada and managed by CI Investments.

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Insurance Glossary

Disability Benefit: A benefit added to some life insurance policies providing for waiver of premium and sometimes payment of a monthly income, if the insured becomes totally and permanently disabled.

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