Term Insurance

Term: A 10- or 20-year term. It's possible to renew your coverage or to convert it to whole life coverage without a medical exam.
Pick-A-Term: Pick-A-Term differs from other coverages by the length of its term. You determine the desired duration of coverage between 10 and 40 years, according to your individual needs. In this way, you get the right coverage at the right price for your situation. If for one reason or another you need coverage for longer than you thought, you can renew your coverage annually at a reasonably-priced premium.

Whole Life Insurance

Permanent Insurance: Whole life insurance is a good option for all stages in life. You choose the payment period, you are insured for your entire life and it also provides surrender values. You can choose to pay up your premiums in 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years, up to age 65 or even up to age 100.

Universal Life Insurance

Trend: Trend essentially offers permanent life insurance protection designed to preserve the financial security of the people you care about. Unlike other guaranteed premium products, the Trend adjustable premium lets you take advantage of lower premiums if long-term interest rates rise significantly. Trend also gives you a way to enjoy tax-sheltered savings.
Genesis: With universal life insurance product Genesis, you can insure the financial security of you and your loved ones through one and the same contract and at the same time accumulate additional tax-sheltered amounts.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Excel-Life: A guaranteed issue life insurance, is a life insurance product for which enrolment is fully guaranteed and includes coverage against accidental death and dismemberment.

Critical Illness Insurance

Transition: Provides you with a lump-sum payment after a critical illness is diagnosed. As a result, you can devote 100% of your energies to your recovery, without worrying about the financial impacts of the illness.

Disability Insurance

Superior Program: Superior Program is a disability insurance product that offers comprehensive coverage in life and health insurance for all workers and professionals-even the self-employed.
Acci-Jet Program: Acci-Jet Program is a guaranteed issue disability insurance product that was designed with an active clientele in mind and that offers coverage in the event of accident or soft tissue injury.
Accxel: Accxel is a comprehensive insurance product that offers customized coverages against accident and illness to better meet your specific needs.

Segregated Funds

Investment Funds: As an investor, you are seeking the best returns, but you also are looking for financial security. Whether you opt for a higher return or take a more cautious approach, Industrial Alliance has developed products to help you build the portfolio that suits you best.

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Insurance Glossary

Partial Disability Benefit: A benefit sometimes found in disability income policies providing for the payment of reduced monthly income in the event the insured cannot work full-time or is prevented from performing one or more important daily duties pertaining to his or her occupation.

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